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Regenerating Power Serum


Daily Wellness Regenerating Power Serum is both soothing and calming to the skin while producing outstanding targeted results - without harsh side effects, unlike traditional retinol.

It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves overall appearance of skin texture and tone.

Visibly reduces inflammation and redness, over time it increases collagen production to plump the complexion and leave it soft, smooth and hydrated.

We use pure Bakuchiol which is a new plant derived "bio-retinol" meaning a natural alternative to retinol.

It is not a retinol which means it is suitable for most skin types and while breastfeeding or pregnant.

Our Regenerating Power Serum formula uses a blend of Jojoba oil, Cacay oil and Bakuchiol as well as Kawa Kawa infused oil, traditionally used by New Zealand's indigenous Maori in medicine for anti-inflammation and anti-microbial qualities.

Bakuchiol has comparable clinical results to retinol when tested at a level of 1.2% in formulation.

Our Regenerating Power Serum contains over 2% pure Bakuchiol.

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