Our Founder Sophia - Top tips for Winter Wellness

Winter can be harsh on skin and the immune system, I always take care to focus on how my body feels during this time of the year and try to pepper my Daily rituals with nourishing, kind additions.

To boost my immune system I take 4 Essential Radiance capsules per day (as opposed to 2) to bump up my vitamins and nutrients.

As well as being incredible for cell regeneration it strengthens the immune system to help protect against colds.

I also include chai lattes using T2 chai blend and the All Good barista oat milk and honey- it’s a game changer and feels so warm and comforting, a great alternative to coffee.

I use the Daily Wellness Regenerating Power Serum in the evenings after cleansing by warming between my palms and massaging with gua sha, our bio-retinol is amazing for hydration and reducing fine lines without any harsh side effects, it’s also safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding unlike other retinols.

To finish I use Ren Flash hydro boost which is a beautiful emulsion that absorbs into the skin and leaves it feeling dewy and hydrated.

In the mornings - I always use SPF to finish, no matter the season!

I use our Nourish Greens Mask 3 x per week in winter to really add some extra nourishment into my skin, my top tip to masking without fuss is to pop it on just prior to your shower and then wash off before you hop out - don’t forget to take tepid showers as hot water strips your skin of hydration in winter.

Last but not least, I carry a little blend of essential oils for sniffly days on a tissue, it’s amazing for clearing nasal passages for adults and kids alike.

The blend I use is called Breathe Easy - avail from Absolute Essential oils.

Sophia Mantell- Founder and Owner of Daily Wellness 

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