Procrastinating. Can we not?

A simple task, ten minutes tops.

It could be folding the washing or a deadline on a document.
The importance never makes or breaks it for me, its the sense of impending doom mixed with anxiety and a splash of perfectionism that creates a whirlwind of procrastination for what feels like no reason at all.

I have devised a few strategies to deal with my personal procrastination that are absolutely not backed by any kind of research.

Each part of my life requires a different angle or mental "hat" so I have chosen two to dissect below.

Love it or hate it, you feel better when its done.
Strategy: Pop on some headphones, get your phone out and crack into a podcast.
This sends you into a world of your own, an escape from the mundane reality that you are scrubbing a toilet or folding your millionth towel..
Set a timer for the amount of time you have and set a challenge for yourself with a little reward at the end if you can get it all done.
Sound juvenile? It could be! However, it works every time.
Since when do we not deserve rewards for tasks that feel menial?
I would reward my kids for doing a full house clean and I shall reward myself too.

This for me is specifically around things I am concerned will not be perfect and that I will be laughed at or ridiculed, which by the way may still happen but there is certainly no reason not to continue.
The facts are that you will not be perfect but any process (creative for me) is always fine tuning and we can only fine tune when you dare to put something out there.
Strategy: List it. Chunk it. Tick it.
Mantra - Get it done, not perfect. and One thing at a time.

Often I find I have a lot of components to my work and my brain needs relief from constantly trying to prioritise them.
Write a list in any order then write numbers on each to indicate priority, work for 45 min (use a timer!) have 5 min break then another 45 and continue this way until you have completed each task.

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