Kayla Johnson Sophia Mantell Daily Interview
Founder Sophia Mantell interviews Kayla Johnson about new motherhood and wellness to celebrate Mothers Day.

Sophia: Firstly congratulations on your gorgeous girl, as a mum of three girls it just makes me extra happy when people have girls - maybe that’s weird but its true! They’re the best!
How do you manage your schedule to make it work for you and your family? Do you have a routine of meals for the week - help us out.

Managing and sticking to schedules is not a strong skill of mine but if something doesn’t go to plan, improvising and shifting things around is something I’m getting good at & learning that it’s ok when this happens because being a mum is hectic and having a baby changes your life and plans rather dramatically. Prioritising exercise & Millahs schedule are at the top of my list currently, everything else can be re-scheduled. I have recently been following a meal plan where I write down what I’m going to eat each day for a week, which I have found really helpful as it has taken the guess work out of one less thing in my day. I am vegetarian and my husband is not, so meals in our house are a bit tricky but the meal plan has definitely been making things easier. 

Sophia: What advice would you give to women who are starting out in their career or business that may be feeling overwhelmed..
Are there any stand out lessons that you learned early on that have really been integral to your success in sport or life?

Just go for it! Don’t ask too many people for their opinions because nobody has the vision that you have and in the end YOU have to like what you do not them. You have to trust your intuition.

I’ve had some incredible coaches guiding me through my netball career but the ones who have had a lasting impact are the ones who push you to your breaking point and tell you how it is without sugar coating things.
They genuinely want you to be better as a person and as an athlete and you learn to appreciate honesty. 

Being a professional athlete provided a tonne of opportunities outside of netball for me when I was younger, but I would say I was never the most confident or outgoing person so I was never 100% about taking on these roles.

They all sounded great on paper but when it came to actually doing it the nerves and anxiety kicked in.

I was given some crucial advice from an old manager to take every opportunity I was given without hesitation because you never know when these opportunities will come around again.

I’m definitely glad I said yes to most things because of this advice or I know I would’ve turned most things down out of fear.

They were great experiences and I was so lucky to have had such wise advice. 

Sophia: Everyone has a parenting style and ways we deal with the inevitable stress that comes with having small people as incredible as it is.. 
What strategies if any do you try to employ to parent to your personal expectations?

I have definitely had my fair share of stressful situations as a new parent and found living abroad and away from friends and family especially hard, but the best advice I can give from personal experience is when you’re feeling stressed is to get active and ask for help.

I naturally find asking for help hard as I like to do things myself but raising a baby literally takes a village so I’m very grateful for the small support crew I have here in Sydney and my husband who takes on more than his fair share while juggling his own career.

Just getting out the house for an hour can really change your mood so having people around that can help you out is crucial. 

Kayla Johnson Daily Wellness

Sophia: Your daughter is delightful! Its so sweet to see you having such a fun time with your girl.
Do you have specific morals that you feel you want to guide your child with? What do you see as important rules for living you want to pass down?

As parents we want to lead by example and show Millah through actions what is right and wrong, good manners and how to be a kind & caring person. We feel actions speak louder than words and want to demonstrate these behaviours on a daily basis so they become natural habits for her. 

Sophia: We often hear questions around advice for new mothers but I want to ask you about before being a mother too…as we are always both mothers and individuals..
Being at the top of your game in your sport must have come from immense dedication and mental strength, what advice would you give to women who are chasing their own goals to be mentally determined?

I’m a very determined and driven person. Once I set my mind on something there is no stopping me.
It’s the days where you aren’t feeling so motivated to chase your dreams that you need to do exactly that!  Those are the days that matter the most.

There were plenty of days where I felt burnt out and just over everything but still showed up and did what I could.

It may not have been my best version but it was still progress. Also knowing that it’s ok to have days like that but it’s how you react to them and how you bounce back from them. 

What does wellness mean for you and how do you practice wellness for yourself as a new mother?

Wellness to me means doing things that make you feel like your best self. For me personally I am my best self when I prioritise exercise, eating well, seeing friends & family and taking care of my physical appearance.

If you look good you feel good so taking care of my skin, hair, taking a long bath, putting a face mask on or whatever makes me feel beautiful is important.

As a new mum I don’t get these moments as much as I would like but whenever I do I make the most of it. 

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