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Our founder Sophia Mantell speaks with Jenné Lombardo of The Terminal Presents and Customer Service about wellness and motherhood to celebrate Mothers Day.


As a mum of 3 myself, I find I am forever feeling I have dropped a ball either at work or around my expectations of my own parenting - it’s kind of exhausting.

Do you experience the feeling of constantly being overrun with things to do? 

How do you manage your schedule to make it work for you and your family? 



Everyday I go to sleep feeling like I didn’t get to complete half of the things I need to for my personal life. As a working mom of 3 growing kids time management has become a constant battle for me. I wake up everyday around 5/5:30 to train in the gym which helps me get my head in straight and truly jumpstart my day. 

 I do my best to food-prep on Sundays. I usually make a soup that I can have everyday for lunch then dinners I cook around 5:30/6 and we do our best to eat together every night. 

Jenne Lombardo Sophia Mantell daily interview


What advice would you give to women feeling like they are at the beginning of their business owner journey while also being on the journey of motherhood.

Are there any stand out lessons that you learned early on that have really been integral to your success?



It’s really all about organization. I am a big list person. I have different journals for both business and personal lists as well as work flow trackers such as Airtable. There will be human error so I try to mitigate risk. 



Everyone has a parenting style and ways we deal with the inevitable stress that comes with having small people as incredible as it is.. 

What strategies if any do you try to employ to parent to your personal expectations?


I just try to exhibit as much kindness and understanding as I can. I like to lead with a big heart and make sure everyone feels loved. 



You’re a really open and connected mother, you talk to your kids and trust them - its lovely to watch.

How do you encourage your kids to be who they are and do you guide them with particular morals that are important to you?


Jenné: yes I don’t like gossip and don’t want my kids to grow up in a house where they are putting people down. Honestly is incredibly import to us as well and we work hard to create a safe space for them to be as open with us as they feel comfortable. 



We often hear questions around advice for new mothers but selfishly I would rather ask about something im closer too.. when you begin to feel yourself and your life coming back to the forefront after having kids.

What advice do you have for women settling back into feeling more individual and wanting to “reclaim” their feeling of self after having kids?



I think in the beginning it’s hard because they depend on you so much however I always said the children came into my life - I did not come into theirs. Meaning I had them adapt at a young age to how I wanted for our household and lifestyle to work. 



We all have particular things we want to pass on to our children through their childhood, what traits of your mothers parenting do you intentionally bring into your own parenting and why?

Jenné: she always made us breakfast snd tucked us in at night. Little consistencies like this make kids feel safe.

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